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5 Irish Whiskies For St. Patrick's Day! - Old and Rare Whisky

5 Irish Whiskies For St. Patrick's Day!

This Sunday is the day to celebrate all things Irish as the 17th March is St. Patrick’s Day! If there’s one thing the Irish know how to do it's throwing a party! Today’s blog post, we’ll take a closer look at some Irish whiskies which are deserving of having a dram or two. Regardless where you are in the world, here are whiskies worth opening this St. Patrick’s Day.

1. Bushmills Malt 10 Year Old

The benchmark Irish single malt, this has a far greater depth of flavour than standard Irish blends. A former winner of Best Irish Single Malt Whiskey in the World at the World Whiskies Awards. Bushmills is always scored highly in Jim Murray's Whisky Bible, with the 10-year-old being awarded 92.5 points in 2013!

2. Jameson Crested Irish Whisky

A special release from Jameson. Jameson Crested has a much higher proportion of sherry influence. A cracking Irish dram. This is made with older aged Jameson with a high measure of pure pot-still whiskey in the mix, a fair proportion of which has been aged in sherry casks to add spicy sweetness.

3. Jameson Irish Whisky 12 Year Old

The 12-year-old from Jameson, a step up from the standard bottling offering a much smoother dram. The pot still content on the standard Jameson ranges from 5-7 years old. With the 12-year-old, the extra ageing adds considerable depth and complexity. 

4. Connemara 22 Year Old

A well-aged 22-year-old from Connemara. A distinctively Irish Peated Single Malt. The taste has been described as “Smoke as it comes out of a chamber where sausages are smoked. Heather and honey, fruit notes. As in the nose, the smoke impression dissipates quickly and leaves a pleasantly warming fruity sweetness.”

5. Middleton Very Rare 2005

There is a new release each year, and this particular release was aged to perfection and bottled in 2005. Each bottle is individually numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity. This outstanding blend is extremely difficult to find but well worth the effort. A must for serious Irish Whiskey fans.

We would like to wish all our Irish fans a very Happy St. Patrick’s Day from everyone here at Old & Rare Whisky.

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