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Old & Rare Whisky In The Daily Record! - Old and Rare Whisky

Old & Rare Whisky In The Daily Record!

Did you know we were featured in today’s edition of the Daily Record?

Published today is an exciting article about how Old & Rare Whisky’s services helped a dad pay off his credit card bill!

If you can’t get a physical copy of the newspaper, click here!

We’re all a bit of a hoarder at times because we like to keep things which have sentimental value. Sometimes, what we keep can hold a bit of value. That’s what Graham Burns did and it was thanks to us that he was able to clear his credit card bill!

A bottle of 30-year-old Macallan Sherry Cask Blue Box and an 18-year-old 1979 Macallan Gran Reserva was put away when his son Andrew was born 23 years ago. Burns decided to dig them out of his attic after receiving a heavy credit card bill. Little did he know that the bottles were worth £6,000 when Old & Rare Whisky bought them from him!

Graham says that “I thought I would keep them until his 21st Birthday when he could have them, open them or sell them but I forgot all about them when my wife said we still had a credit card bill to pay from Christmas.”

We have a few tips for when you’re selling whisky, follow there and you’ll be surprised at what your bottle could be worth!

1. Check the ABV! If it’s in proof or fluid oz then the whisky is generally bottled before 1975.
2. Check the seal! If it’s been opened then it’s not worth anything (except a possible dram or two!)
3. Look out for original distillery releases! These are more valuable!
4. Finally, if the liquid inside the bottle is old (30-40 years) then there’s a fair chance that the bottle is worth something.

Whisky has been named the top investment by the Knight Frank Luxury Investment Index! It achieved a 40% growth in the last 12 months and a 582% rise in value since 2019. To this day, whisky brings more return on investment than cars, jewellery and coins!

Do you have a bottle in an attic? Maybe it’s placed in another room in your house! You can get in contact with Old & Rare Whisky by doing the following:

1. Call us on 0141 406 3311 and speak to us
2. Email your collection to

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