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The Story of the Macallan 25 Year Old Anniversary - Old and Rare Whisky

The Story of the Macallan 25 Year Old Anniversary

In today’s blog post we shall be taking a closer look at the stunning Macallan 1957 25 Year Anniversary Edition bottle. The very first release of the highly collectable anniversary edition. The idea came about from the marketing department in Macallan as they figured lots of people have a 25th anniversary and this release would be a great way to ultimately sell more whisky for this very occasion.

On it’s release in 1983, the retail price of the bottle was a mere £25.00.

We’ll take a look at the price history of this highly collectable bottle right from the moment it was distilled to the present day where the cost of one bottle exceeds £6000.00 on today’s market. Labelled as ‘A special bottling of unblended single highland malt scotch whisky over 25 years old,’ the taste you get from this particular bottle has been described as “Powerful, sweet and spicy. Sherry, honey, caramel, mixed fruit jam, vividly acidic forest berries and citruses. Milk coffee and dutch cocoa. Matured oak. Raisin and cinnamon.”

Aged exclusively for 25 years in a Sherry Cask.

This remains not only the best of the Anniversary Malt series but also one of the greatest Macallan’s ever bottled and is deemed as very rare and very collectable.

When looking at how much the whisky is worth, we were extremely lucky to obtain the complete sales history of this bottle to grasp an understanding of just how valuable this bottle is. Macallan is a brand which has a fantastic reputation as well as great tasting malts. Let’s take a look at how successful Macallan’s 1957 Anniversary Malt has become.

As you can see from the complete sales history chary, back in 2009 it was only worth hundreds of pounds on the market. The lowest value of this bottle was in May 2010 at £600.00. Eight years later in October 2018, the value of the same bottle is now worth over £6000.00! In 2015, the price of this was £2,250 - more than double the price of what it’s valued at now! What will the value hold at the end of 2019?

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