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The Solaria Series 'Aultmore' Scotch Whisky, 70cl, 67.5% ABV


Another very handsome indie bottling from the Whisky Illuminati! This one is a 2011 vintage Aultmore, which was allowed to age in a first-fill Spanish oak sherry butt until 2018, when it was bottled at cask strength - a very generous 67.5% ABV. 120 bottles were produced as part of the Solaria Series.

These whiskies come from a single cask, but not all the whisky has been bottled. The rest of the whisky has returned to slumber in its sherry butt, to be bottled after two more years of rest. But again, that will only be a portion of the whisky, as the remaining liquid will once again enjoy further rest until finally being bottled. Get involved with the Solaria Series and track the development of flavour the whisky experiences...