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5 Whiskies for Connoisseurs - Old and Rare Whisky

5 Whiskies for Connoisseurs

To call yourself an expert in whisky tasting is something which you should be proud of. You know what your flavours are, you understand the tasting notes and you have the whisky which is your number one go to every single time. For that, we applaud you and give you the official title of Whisky Connoisseur.

In today’s post, we’ll take a look at five whiskies that aren’t for the faint hearted and for those who have a strong palette. These whiskies are so full of flavour and should be drunk straight or with a drop of water.. Grab a dram, sit back and relax and let Old & Rare Whisky show you 5 Whiskies Which Aren’t For Beginners.


The higher strength release of Ardbeg Perpetuum, which was only sold at their distillery. This bottle was released in 2015 to celebrate Ardbeg's 200th anniversary. This blend is a mixture of both old and young whisky. Matured in bourbon and sherry casks, the notes of cured meats, smoke and sea spray were delivered inside this classic bottle.

2. SPRINGBANK 18 YEAR OLD 70cl / 46%

A multi-award-winning Campbeltown single malt matured in ex-bourbon casks.
The tasting notes describe this whisky as big, spicy and gutsy, with notes of chilli, pine, citrus, aniseed and rich fruits. A real treasure for experienced whisky drinkers.

3. MACALLAN 18 1992 70cl / 43%

The absolute master of the Speyside distillers, king of the sherry cask. The Macallan continues to be in the top 10 of the world’s most valuable malts. Brimming with classic Speyside charm, the result of this Macallan bottling establishes an 18-year-old vintage single malt that possesses depth, character and most importantly flavours of dried fruit, honey and suggestions of chocolate.


A very rare limited edition of this double matured using blended whiskies that were at least 50 years old. Distilled in 1947, this double matured blend was released in 1997. The ultimate for Johnnie Walker fans. We're talking about a truly remarkable whisky.


The whisky has been aged for a full 14 years instead of the usual 12 years. This is a special whisky. which possess dark cherries. prunes and date flavour tones, with slight earthiness coming from the port cask. A very relaxing whisky, markedly different from the more modern Quinta Ruban.

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