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5 Drams For Valentine's - Old and Rare Whisky

5 Drams For Valentine's

The smell of love and whisky is in the air as Valentine’s Day is approaching! Give your loved one a gift of a dram this season! Here are five specially-selected bottles of every style to show that special someone you care.

1. Hibiki 17

This Japanese blend was awarded an "Editor's Choice" from Whisky Magazine. Hibiki 17-year-old is a superb whisky from Suntory. One of the most recognisable bottles in Suntory's world-renowned product line, the Hibiki 17-Year-Old has been a staple among whisky enthusiasts for years. Sweet and rich. There are crisp notes of mixed peels, raisin and custard with a little zest and plenty of oak.

2. Nikka From The Barrel

Following on from the world’s trend, Nikka Whisky From the Barrel is one of the greatest value for money whiskies in the world. An incredible Japanese whisky, so much power! It possesses a distinctive personality characterised by depth-y candied orange, cedar and spice flavours. Full-bodied and punchy. There is plenty of winter spice and toffee, a little caramel and vanilla and a good mouthful of fruit.

3. Glenfiddich 18 Small Batch Reserve

A wonderfully rich and enjoyable Glenfiddich single malt. An 18-year-old from Glenfiddich matured in a mixture of Bourbon and Oloroso sherry casks. An elegant nose, faintly sweet, scented with apple and wood. Matured in small batches the Glenfiddich 18 is arguably the most complex in the core range.

4. Auchentoshan Valinch

The 2012 relaunch of Auchentoshan's no-nonsense, cask strength, bourbon cask matured dram. Built with a similar mix of casks to the Classic, this is bottled at full strength for a more concentrated flavour. The Valinch takes its name from the tool used to extract samples from a maturing cask of whisky. A cask-strength, no-age-statement, limited-release, Lowland whisky named after the device used to pull whisky from the cask.

5. Compass Box Delilah XXV

A limited edition bottled to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the legendary punk rock whisky bar Delilah's in Chicago.  Made in collaboration with Delilah's owner, Mike Miller, it's built around a portion of the previous Compass Box release for the bar, which has been aged for an additional 5 years. Made using whisky aged in American Oak that once contained sherry. From your palette, you get a spicy sherried malt (plenty of clove and ginger notes coming through), atop layers of chocolate ice cream and praline.

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