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Yamazakura 9 Year Old Cask Strength

Save 10% with code TAKE10
Save 10% with code TAKE10
  • Region-               World (Japan)
  • Size-                   70cl
  • ABV-                   56%
  • Age-                    9 Year Old

The Yamazakura is a ji-whisky made by Sasanokawa Shuzo Co. It is a pure malt whisky, aged over 9 years. One of the better Ji-whiskies. Bottled at cask strength of 56% and presented in an original box.

Ji-whiskies are definitely worth a try. Their quality might not always match up to the giants like Suntory and Nikka, but they can nevertheless prove surprisingly good.

What is ji-Whisky?

Ever heard of ji-whisky? Ji-whisky is a name the Japanese give to whiskies produced by small local breweries and distilleries. They differ in the sense that they are not distributed nationwide and are often not well known outside their local areas. The producers often specialize in brewing sake or shochu and only brew whisky on the side.