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Thomas H. Handy Limited Edition release

Save 10% with code TAKE10
Save 10% with code TAKE10

Taking its name from the New Orleans bartender who created the famous Sazerac cocktail, Thomas H handy Sazerac is part of the Antique Collection from Buffalo Trace distillery in Kentucky. This straight rye whiskey is bottled straight from the barrel, uncut and unfiltered.

This 2018 release was distilled in the spring of 2012 and matured for at least 6 years in new white oak barrels with a level 4 char, charred for 55 seconds. Just 73 barrels were hand-picked and married together to create this limited edition release which is bottled at a barrel-proof strength of 64.4% abv.

Region-       World

Size-           75cl

ABV-           64.4%

Edition-      2018 Release