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Strathclyde 1993 The Alba Series Whisky Illuminati Grain Whisky

Save 10% with code TAKE10
Save 10% with code TAKE10

At old and rare whisky we generally focus on vintage Scotch & world whisky and are very selective when we introduce new releases. We believe the guys at Whisky Illuminati have sourced and bottled an outstanding range of the highest quality malt and grain whiskies and have presented them in beautiful packaging. After tasting the range we are sure you are going to absolutely love it.

These releases are a must for the collector and whisky lover among you.

  • Region-                  Lowlands
  • Size-                       70cl
  • ABV-                       54.1%
  • Distilled-                 1993
  • Bottled-                   2019
  • Cask No-                243370
  • Edition-                   1 of 202