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Highland Park 1977 Scott's Selection Cask Strength

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Save 15% with code NEWYEAR15
  • Region -        Highland (Islands)
  • Age -             35-Year-Old
  • Bottled -        1977
  • Size -             75cl
  • ABV -             48.1%
  • Edition -         Single Cask

A single cask from the award-winning Scott's Selection range of rare malt's. 35 Years old and bottled at a natural cask strength of 54.9%.

Scott’s Selection is a selection of the rarest single malt Scotch whiskies from Scotland’s best distilleries. Robert Scott, the former Master Distiller at The Speyside Distillery, has over fifty years of experience in distilling fine malt whiskies. He has chosen a variety of his favourite single malt whiskies. In selecting each barrel, Robert bottled the very best malts from the distillery with an optimum level of ageing.

The Scott's selection range has long been discontinued very very few bottles remaining on the open market.

Highland Park distillery is based in Kirkwall, Orkney and is the most northern distillery in Scotland. Highland Park produces a single scotch malt whisky.