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Neta Tequilana 2015 Fall/Winter 2020 Release TEQCAN1503 Mezcal, 70cl, 49.9% ABV

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This batch made by maestro palenquero Cándido García Cruz tells a story of the ever-evolving dynamics of production, experimentation, and the fluidity of tradition in the face of constant change. The particular plants used for this batch were from the first generation of Agave tequilana Weber var. azul to be reproduced and grown in the red soils of Candido’s tierra cascajo. Cándido crafted this lot in 2015, and won’t be producing any more spirits from Agave tequilana for another few years, making these 220 liters a real rarity.

One of 285 bottles.

NETA exclusively commercializes single-batch agave spirits from producers in Miahuatlán and almost entirely from the 110-person village of Logoche. When talking about "single batches" we are referring to lots produced from a single oven or harvest of agave.

Please note: Many of our bottles are older and have come from private individuals. Therefore the closure may have deteriorated and care should be taken when it is being opened. We do not accept liability for the state of the closure.