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Ardbeg 'Blaaack' 20th Anniversary Limited Edition Scotch Whisky, 70cl, 46% ABV


Given the success and cult-like fan base that Ardbeg has recently enjoyed, it is almost impossible to imagine that the distillery was closed on and off for 15 years until it was purchased by Glenmorangie. Sitting on the southern coastline of Islay, the current distillery was founded in 1815; the original having been destroyed by excise men. The Ardbeg spirit still is fitted with a purifier which many believe accounts for its fruity, zesty character.

Due to its huge upsurge in popularity, Ardbeg has added Ardbeg An Oa to its core malt range of the original three expressions: the 10-year-old; Uigeadail; and Corryvreckan.

The Ardbeg Blaaack, released in 2020, was matured in the finest Pinot Noir wine casks from New Zealand and takes its name from the imagery of Ardbeg standing as the black sheep among the whitewashed walls of Islay. The Committee Release celebrates the members of the Ardbeggian flock from far-flung places dedicated to supporting the distillery.