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About Us

Founded in 2014 by John McIlvogue, Old & Rare Whisky is your one-stop shop for the world’s rarest and hard to find Whisky. From brands such as Macallan and Bowmore to Hibiki, in addition to over 100 bottles from now silent distilleries. Sourcing the finest whiskies for his customers to enjoy, the world of whisky is an extremely exciting place to explore, that’s where John and the Old and Rare Team's enthusiasm shine through!

Old & Rare started with 50 bottles of rare whisky and has now grown to stock over 3,000 individual bottles from 150 distilleries worldwide. Old & Rare employ a team to do what started with one man's vision.

Located in the heart of Glasgow, Old and Rare Whisky offer something for everyone, whether for drinking, investing or buying as a gift for someone else, John’s breadth of knowledge and passion towards whisky is second to none. 

With over 3,000 bottles available from the Scottish Highlands to Taiwanese Single Malt, all available for next day delivery. If it’s a rare bottle to share with friends you’re after or as an investment, we are sure to have a huge selection which will suit your budget or taste. 

What do Old & Rare Whisky do best? We find the rarest and hard to find bottles of liquid gold in the world for our customers.

John’s whisky of choice? Springbank 21 Year Old. For him, there is no other dram like it.

If you are unsure, feel free to get in touch, we love to talk about Whisky, and will help guide you to the perfect dram!